Ord från författaren

Ekosystemet skogen har idag få områden där det kan visa upp sig med naturens egen värdighet.


Den politiskt starkt inflytelserika, påtryckande skogvirkesbranschen har under ca 60 år, låtit utveckla skogsbruket, så att det har förenklat och med ca 200-600 år förkortat och avbrutit skogsekosystemens inslag av biologiska cykler.


Idag saknas fullständiga skogsekosystem på 95 % av Sveriges produktiva skogsmark nedanför fjällen.


Leif Danielson

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Karta över Risvedens södra delar

Naturskyddsföreningen i Ale

Karta över södra Risveden med reservaten markerade.  (2017)

Risveden av riksintresse för naturvård och friluftsliv

Naturarvet - Ett klick for skogen - har räddat Iglekärrs gammelskog och Verleskogen i Risveden! Solliden står på tur!


Allt om tjädern

13 March 2009, Verle forest is saved!

Today Ale Council voted in favour to join a unique partnership between Naturarvet (A Click for the Forest), Västkuststiftelsen (a Government foundation) and the Swedish EPA. A partnership which will save Verle forest.


Ale Council will contribute with approximatelly 1 million SEK, A Click for the Forest with approximatelly 2.4 Million SEK, Västkuststiftelsen (a Government foundation) with approxiamatelly 1 million SEK and the Swedish EPA approximatelly 1.9 Million SEK. Fältbiologerna, a swedish youth organisation is giving Ale Council and Västkuststiftelsen 400 000 SEK towards the purchase.


This is such fantastic news. We have been working very long on this partnership as well as on raising enough money to save Verle forest. We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the people and organisation who has made this possible. Togheter we have made a big difference creating posivite change.


February 2009, Unique partnership possible to save Verle forest Since autumn last year, A Click for the Forest has been negotiating with Ale Council, the Swedish EPA and Västkuststiftelsen (a Government foundation) regarding working together to finance the purshase of Verle forest. Västkuststiftelsen and the Swedish EPA have both agreed and joined the partnership.


Ale Council took up the issue at its last council meeting but unfortunately the issue was undecided by the voting then. A new meeting and vote will be held on 13th March. Verle forest was saved on 13th March 2009.


So please continue to donate generously as we still need all the contributions and support that we can get to save this amazing forest. Here is your chance to give something back to this precious living planet that has nurtured us all for so long.


Facts about Verle's old growth forest 85 hectares.


Located in Verle within the City Council of Ale (approximately 50 km northeast of Gothenburg).


The forest mainly consists of old pine and spruce trees with some birch and juniper together with occasional oak and alder. The forest has three small lakes and a few smaller springs. A large part of the forest is classified as a "high nature value" according to a survey by The Swedish National Board of Forestry. A "naturvärdesobjekt" is a forest with ecological values. According to the City Council of Ale, this forest has unique natural and biological values. - The local environmental group (SNF in Ale) has worked for more than 20 years trying to protect it. This forest is a very important habitat for a wide range of bird species, -more than 54 different bird species have been spotted. Amongst these are black grouse, capercaillie, cuckoo, osprey as well as many different species of owls and woodpeckers and many others. These birds need this forest for survival. Many endangered plant species has been spotted.


The forest is very beautiful and easy to walk through and important for recreational purposes.


Now saved forever as a Nature Reserve.


Now also Iglekärr old growth forest, 2016. See "Naturreservaten", Iglekärr.






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